Hidden Homeless: A Growing Number of Older People Living on the Streets

While the homeless population in Phoenix tends to be younger and middle-aged adults, that figure is slowly changing as a growing number of elderly people are finding themselves without enough money to pay for housing. Increasing rent prices and small social security checks averaging $1,474.77 per month—according to the Social Security Administration—leaves more and more elderly Arizonans homeless for the first time.

 In Maricopa, the number of people ages 62 and up experiencing homelessness between 2011-2014 rose over 50 percent. We worked closely with Justa Center and Central Arizona Shelter Services and met people who were willing to share how they found themselves in this situation and what life is like for them.


This is their story.


Below are some of my favorite moments captured, including some previously unpublished images. A few photos are of an individual we met that isn't elderly but still had words to share with us. To see the full story published on Cronkite news, click on the button below.