Migrants journey through Panama

A 60-mile stretch of dense jungle looms in front of migrants on the border between Colombia and Panama. The Darién Gap—considered the most dangerous jungles in the world—is the path that an increasing number of migrants have resorted to traveling in their efforts to reach a better life. 


In 2019 alone, Panama’s border patrol known as SENAFRONT counted nearly 20,000 migrants flowing into Panama, almost double the amount from the previous year. 

I had the opportunity to travel to the Darién Provence in Panama to hear these migrants' stories of peril and survival in the jungle and to document their life in migrant camps. I followed the flow of migrants through the country and reported on how the Panamanian government handles migrants and their collaboration with the United States in. 

This is one of the most humbling and challenging experiences I've had as a reporter. At one point I was swarmed by migrants, all desperate to tell how hard their experiences have been in hopes that I could help them. 

This is their story.

Below is the mini-documentary I created. To see the full story published on Cronkite news, click on the button below.