New hope for New Castle: How a younger generation uplifts their community

Nestled in the middle of rural Pennsylvania, a group of community members work tirelessly to raise up their city from poverty and crime. While residents of New Castle, PA tend to be older than the states median age, change is slowly happening due to a younger generation that's stepping up. 


 Still feeling the effects of the rust belts decline, New Castle averages 83% higher rates of crime than the rest of Pennsylvania and 27% higher on a national level. The police are overwhelmed with calls and safety is a big concern for some residents. 

During the time I spent embedded here, I met several strong leaders with ideas for turning their community into a better place to live. Young adults running for mayor, families starting new local businesses to bring in more money, leaders who plan revitalization projects through local nonprofits all team together to bring about change.

This is their story.

Below are some of my favorite moments captured, including some previously unpublished images. To see the full story published in The Post-Gazette, click on the button below. To watch the video I made during a New Castle community vigil, go to the video tab.